[matroska-devel] Re: MPEG in Matroska

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Feb 27 10:31:01 CET 2003

John Cannon wrote:
> I am coding a simple MPEG-1 parser i n hopes of making a transmuxer one day.
> Anyway, I was wondering what would be the best method of storing the frames?
> In MPEG-1 even, the quantizer table can change at every GOP if you want.  So
> do we just chop the stream and include these headers with the I frame or
> what?


have a look here :


MPEGanalizzatore :

tries to help you in finding the structure of an MPEG2 Program Stream.
If you are like me, always trying to find the "best" way to convert your 
videos into something your DVD-Player will grok .... you might also be 
like me in always trying out new programs. And then you wonder ... why 
is that generated MPEG PS so funny...

!!! *MPEGanalizzatore tells you about the packs, the headers, the GOPs 
and pics inside an MPEG2 Program Stream.* !!!

If you are like me, trying to handcraft your own tools, MPEGanalizzatore 
may be of even more use --- to find out, _what_ your program really 
produces. MPEGanalizzatore is freeware and may be freely downloaded, 
used and distributed.

Many thanks to Jcsston for the link !



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