[matroska-devel] Re: AAC profiles /matroska codec IDs

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Feb 19 14:34:57 CET 2003

En réponse à Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at matroska.org>:

> [quote]
> MPEG-2 AAC Low Complexity / LC profile
> MPEG-2 AAC Main profile
> MPEG-4 AAC LC profile
> MPEG-4 AAC Main profile
> MPEG-4 AAC Long Term Prediction / LTP
> MPEG-4 AAC Scalable Sampling Rate / SSR
> MPEG-4 AAC Version 2
> MPEG-4 AAC Version 3 coming soon...
> [/quote]
> Seems i have to create a few more codec IDs than the existing 2 :-( ??

I suggest not taking much care of this for the moment. Let's handle the
simple/common/free codecs first. AAC is good only for low bitrates, and can
probably be equal to Vorbis in this field. And AAC is full of patents.

Let's just have the Low and Main profile IDs defined (hopefully the MP2 and MP4
versions are similar) for the moment. It won't be coded anytime soon...

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