[matroska-devel] Re: Audio ACM compatibility

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Tue Feb 18 18:35:51 CET 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:

>En réponse à Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at matroska.org>:
>>An interesting question was asked by Mosu :
>>Why do we need the KaxVideoColourSpace element at all ? We can put the
>>relevant info into the KaxCodecID element easily ? Or is the element 
>>used for other video codecs also, describing what colour space there 
>>content is ? If so then i guess we should use the existing Colour Space
>>element and change the Codec ID to something simple like
>>What do you all think ?
>Well, I just took the field from MCF and put it in matroska...
>I think we discussed than on #mcf a long time ago and I didn't understand :)
>If you hae old logs, you might investigate in there.

Well, i am not complete certain here but i guess that at least some 
codecs can work in the YUV or in the RGB colour space. Now, to be able 
to handle the content correctly you would have to know what colour space 
was used for this encoding, and if i am not completely mistaken this 
info is also to be found somewhere in the BITMAPINFOHEADER ...... can 
anybody confirm ? Cyrius ?

As we plan to replace this M$ structure with our own elements, at least 
for 'native' streams, this would mean we need such an element and use a 
simple codec ID like 'V_UNCOMPRESSED' instead, and fill the colour space 
into the matroska KaxVideoColourSpace element .... Cyrius, is that true 
what i say above ???



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