[matroska-devel] AVI compatibility misunderstanding

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Feb 17 17:28:19 CET 2003

As the title says, streams that are saved in compatiility mode are the ones we
don't have any other choice. That means we can change this behaviour for codec
that we know.

[17:15] <Mosu> so what do we do about those structs?
[17:16] <Mosu> easiest is for the audio... if it's mp3/ac3/pcm we include
WAVEFORMATEX in KaxCodecPrivate

This is a good example where we don't need a codec private data ! WAVEFORMATEX
is used only for streams coming from ACM/AVI, not in the general case. We are
not making matroska AVI++. We use the AVI structure only when a native matroska
format hasn't been defined (most of the times BTW). For the moment since all our
sources are AVI, we can blindly put everything in AVI structures. But later some
hacks/transformations will take place, to make real use of matroska and get rid
of these fucking structures.

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