[matroska-devel] Awareness of matroska parser to CRC elements in the file

Christian HJ Wiesner christian at matroska.org
Tue Feb 11 16:27:59 CET 2003

Hi myFUN,

the bashing from the mplayer people onto matroska maybe has a positive side effect as they were pointing us to something we have to clarify :

How should the matroska parser react if it detects a EDC failure ? Stop playing ? Ignore it and go on playing ? Make this decision based on the error tolerance capability of the codec ?

Same thing goes for the special protection elements we are planning to implement to support mode2 form 2 burning better. Generally spekaing i am voting to simply ignore any CRC mismatches ( if the library allows to do so of course !! ) by default in this respect, to save CPU power on playback, but we may well think about an option to enable this feature to allow watching even of heavily scratched CDs if one's PC is powerful enough to handle all the additional EDC/ECC.

What do you say ?



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