[matroska-devel] Re: matroska : HTTP/FTP streaming server

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Feb 11 06:16:40 CET 2003

Hi How Tam,

can you please tell us quickly what your background in programming is (
languages, education, experiences ) ?

The task you were applying to is certainly the hardest amongst all those i
was posting on sourceforge, but i agree its also one of the most exciting
things we plan to do :-D !! Do you have any background in setting up
streaming solutions for media already ?

We would gladly welcome you in our small team in any case, there is a lot of
work to do still to be able to establish matroska as the new open standard
media container format, and even if we decided together that the streaming
server solution would not be the right thing for you to do alone, i am 100%
certain we could find a task for you that could catch your interest

Thanks in advance for telling us a bit more about your coding background. We
are very glad you are offering to help us and become a team member !

Best regards


P.S. Please tell me your sourceforge nickname, so i could add you to the
developers list once we agreed on a task. Also, please go to
http://freelists.org and subscribe to our 3 mailing lists, all starting with
the word 'matroska'. As an alternative you may use the NNTP interface on
gmane.org , news://news.gmane.org ; gmane.comp.multimedia.matroska.xyz ,
works in both directions ( reading and posting ) and is a great archive

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> Hello,
> My name is How Tam.  My id is howtam.
> I am looking for something to do with open source and came
> across your help wanted ad.  I am interested in the position.
> Could you tell me more about this project ?  Thanks.
> How Tam


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