[matroska-devel] Re: [Mjpeg-users] Help from MPEG container expert needed : MPEG1/2 implementation into new open standard matroska container

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Tue Feb 11 06:43:55 CET 2003

"Vladimir Shved" <vshved at logistic-systems.com> wrote
> I think, someone misspelled "matroska", it should be "matreshka" or at
> would sound/look better to its true meaning . I think you guys trying to
> make the name refer to russian "doll-in-the-doll" toy/souvenir but
> the name seems to refer to sailor girl in funy way ..:) as "matros" would
> the sailor and "matroska" a sailor girl?

It is indeed supposed to be the  russian "doll-in-the-doll", however the
native spelling was quite difficult to use, as were 'more correct'
translitirations.  'Matroska' was eventually settled on because of the
simplicity, however the actual russian spelling is shown at
http://www.matroska.org .  It is interesting that many people have related
similarities between the word 'matroska' and words in their native language.
While english has nothing close, many other languages have words with a
variety of meanings.



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