[matroska-devel] Re: [Mjpeg-users] Help from MPEG container expert needed : MPEG1/ 2 implementation into new open standard matroska container

Christian HJ Wiesner christian at matroska.org
Tue Feb 11 05:48:42 CET 2003

Vladimir Shved wrote:
> I think, someone misspelled "matroska", it should be "matreshka" or at least
> would sound/look better to its true meaning . I think you guys trying to
> make the name refer to russian "doll-in-the-doll" toy/souvenir but currently
> the name seems to refer to sailor girl in funy way ..:) as "matros" would be
> the sailor and "matroska" a sailor girl?


we know the right pronouncation was 'matryoshka' , but we felt this word 
was much too hard to pronounce ( especially for our English speaking 
people ;) ) so we modified the name to make it an artificial, new one, 
but ressembling the original russian dolls. We had no idea this new word 
had a 'real' meaning also, until we were told from russian speaking 
people ... lol !
If you go looking on our homepage you will find the correct russian 
spelling also :)



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