[matroska-devel] Re: Porting EBML, the extensible binary meta language, to C

Animesh talk2ani at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 11 08:48:51 CET 2003

I wud be glad to. :-) Santiago, welcome to the team.. and lets get in touch fast.. lemme know where you are with the code,.. and wat wud be your preferred way of going with it... 
if u wud prefer not to spam the whole grp with discussions, you can always send individual mails.. tho i personally like projects where everyone knows wat is going on in each subparts of the projects (at least the important milestones).. it helps in developing the overall picture in your mind.. and any instant of time you know what stages of completion are the various subparts in .. but yes, flooding everyone inboxes with core internal details at each level of implementation might not really be a good idea.. lets keep that in mind.. and lets get in touch.. 
- Animesh.

 Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at wiesneronline.net> wrote:Hi Santiago,

the whole project of porting libmatroska to C has become a new
importance as the people from mpalyer, one of the more important
mediaplayers for Linux environments, refuse to support matroska if we
dont have a working C API or a C wrapper for libmatroska. However,
porting the complete library to C was the preferred way of course. As
current lib is written in C++, was it possible for you to understand
that code or what you prefer to work based on the specs solely ?

Please note that we got a very nice offer from animesh (
talk2ani at yahoo.com ) to start looking into this, he has already
downloaded the existing sources. I would suggest that we ask him first
before brining you into this process, as he maybe prefers to work alone.

In any case, robux4, our chief developer, is the man managing it all.

If animesh prefers to work alone on porting it, please rest assured that
there is a huge number of very interesting tasks existing for our
project, so your help is mor than appreciated !! We even have an
existing Java code for an independant EBML implementation, done by
spyder ( see cc. ).

Please tell me what you think. animesh, what is your opinion ? Would you
prefer to work alone or agree to cooperate with Santiago on the porting ??

Maybe one of you could concentrate on the C API first ( so we can ask
mplayer people to support the format ) while the other starts porting
the whole lib ? Or does this make no sense at all ?

Please enlighten me :-)


Santiago Ortega wrote:

>Hi, my name is Santiago and I'm a CPE student. I'm 
>currently taking java 2 and I have some knowledge of C. I'm 
>looking to reinforce my skills in C and your project seems 
>very interesting. Let me know if I can be of any help.

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