[matroska-devel] Re: [MPlayer-users] Re: lavc-Options for *BEST*

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Sun Feb 9 12:27:14 CET 2003

"Alex Beregszaszi" <alex at naxine.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:20030208231606.29cc0eb0.alex at naxine.org...
> > Why are you insulting us ?? Dont you have any form of respect for the
> > work and the labour of other people ?
> and why are _you_ insulting us?

I didnt insult anybody despite here on this list, maybe with the exception
of Mr. Richard D. Felker III. I herwith apologize for the insulting tone and
the rude words i was using. I twould be nice though if Mr. Felker could
decide to apologize also, for having repeatedly called our specs and project
being 'crap', apparently without knowing much more about some basics.

> don't start to flame please!

Again my sincere apologies, i had a hard week with both kids and the wife
being ill ( flu and diarrhoe together ), and had about 2 - 4 hours sleep per
night ( in an average ). Then, on the very first occasion where i had some
time to relax a bit and check the most important mailing lists i find the
project we all have been working on for about 2 years now being named like
'crap' 'too complex' , etc. . I overreacted in this situation.

> > libmatroska is ready by today, and its working already. Cyrius will
> > have support for matroska files in VirutaldubMod pretty soon now, and
> > the DShow parser is also being worked on right now.
> good luck with your project!

Thanks. There are a couple of people waiting for it to release working
Windows tools, mainly because there was no ( or not much ) support for OGM
lately. Yes, we hope it will be accepted by the users.

> > If you dont want menues or other features of matroska, well, dont put
> > some in. EBML will allow even simple players, like mplayer, to skip
> > all the elements you dont want to support.
> if mplayer is so simple and little, why do you bother us?

Sorry, misunderstanding. I thought from reading the comments from the people
here on this list that there is no interest in supporting menues and such,
so i guessed you like to keep things simple. I am well aware that mplayer is
the most successful Mediaplayer for the Linux world, and certainly a very
successful opensource project.
I didnt mean at all to belittle your project or tell untrue things about it.
Hopefully we can find back to a level of conversation between our,
admittedly very small, project and your very successful project, that is not
based on assumptions and mutual insulting.

Best regards



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