[matroska-devel] Re: Project status

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Feb 5 19:33:21 CET 2003

Pamel wrote:
> In Matroska it doesn't particularly matter, because you can use either one.
> They would both be valid ways of storing the data because there isn't a
> requirement that the elements be in a particular order.  There was even talk
> of creating a tool that could 'optimize' a matroska file by ordering the
> elements in a way that would be fastest, or most useful.  So, a tool could
> be made to organize the elements in either coding or display order.
> In practical use though I prefer display order.  As the complexity of codecs
> increase, in regards to frame referencing, coding order becomes less and
> less practical.  It is a small issue to buffer a few megabytes ahead for any
> current issues.  And for a truly limited memory player, the element order
> could be reordered.

Good idea. The "hinter" could use display ordering or coding ordering on 
the fly, depending on the target. But coding order will probably always 
give the same resuls... (speed, memory)

We just need to make it as flexible as we want matroska to be..

(I reply here because it's not UCI related at all)


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