[Matroska-devel] Add some new Tags?

Lasse Kärkkäinen / Tronic tronic2 at sci.fi
Wed Aug 27 19:49:53 CEST 2003

> I propose we add a Bitrate tag to the Tag - General element that can be
> filled out by the user, filled by the muxing app, or I could write some code
> to go through all the clusters and blockgroups of a file at calculate the
> bitrate. Either way I think a Tag would be much faster and better than
> generating the bitrate on-the-fly.

Actually the total size of the track would do better. When you know the 
total playing length too, this can be used for calculating per-track 
bitrate. For total file bitrate you can naturally use the total playback 
time and total file size.. The field for total size has been added to 
the MCF specification now, thanks for supporting us ;)

>>From alexnoe: Frame Count

Added to MCF.

>>From Gabest: Largest Block Size, so you can allocate the output buffers
> exactly.

It's already there.

- Tronic -

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