[Matroska-devel] Matroska Tag Mappings to other tagging systems

Jory jcsston at ToughGuy.net
Fri Aug 8 08:52:27 CEST 2003

This is the tag mapping I'm using in the Matroska TCMP CDL.
Artist = MultiEntity, Type = LeadPerformerSoloist,
Title = MultiTitle, Type = TrackTitle
Album = MultiTitle, Type = AlbumMovieShowTitle
Track = DiscTrack
Genre = AudioGenre (reads Tag_SunGenre if Tag_AudioGenre is empty)
Year =MultiDate, Type = ReleaseDate
Comment = Multi-Comment

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> Since I have tagging working almost perfectly in the Shell Ext/CDL and
> Cyrius has Matroska Tags in VDubMOD. I think we need to define how other
> tagging systems would map to ours before doing a public release. So that
> each tool would call a tag the same thing ;)
> @Pamel: I know you have made a comparsion table. So could you update it to
> match the current specs? I also think the table needs to be split up into
> smaller bits to make it easier to read.
> /technical/specs/tagging/othertagsystems/comparetable.html
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