[matroska-devel] Alternatives to FLAC for lossless audio compression

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Apr 26 23:21:35 CEST 2003


just for your information, there is more ( and maybe even better 
alternatives ) than FLAC out there to make one of our dreams come true 
one day ( lossless audio captuing from VdubMod into matroska ). A very 
good comparison page seems to be here : 
http://web.inter.nl.net/users/hvdh/lossless/lossless.htm . I am listing 
a few ( not all ) of them here :

1. WAVPACK : http://www.wavpack.com/

David Bryant is the author, and i am copying Roberto Amorim on this 
email with the request to forward this email to David if he was maybe 
interested to look at matroska to have a container for storage/tagging 
purposes ? I hope we could have a Wavpack DirectShow plugin for TCMP one 
day ? Its opensource and seems to be more effective than FLAC ?

2. OptimFROG : http://ghido.shelter.ro/

Downside : not Opensource i guess, at least i couldnt find any sources 
on his download page, that makes it hard to integrate into VdubMod

3. LA : http://www.lossless-audio.com/

Same as 2. no source available

In terms of speed ( CPU cycles ) vs. efficiency it seems that Wavpack 
can absolutley compete with FLAC, as you can see from the graphs in the 
comparison link give above.

Should we change our minds and maybe prefer Wavpack for our preferred 
lossless audio compressor ? Especially as FLAC is a part of Xiph and has 
tools to mux it into Ogg container ?

What you think ?



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