[matroska-devel] Re: Feature Freeze

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Apr 25 18:45:28 CEST 2003

Steve Lhomme wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>First let me thank you for all the work that has been done during the 
>last month. The current status is very encouraging. And the promises of 
>the format start to emerge slowly. I think 01/05/03 will be a great day 
>for us :)
I am soooo excited about this day, believe me. Not only will we prove to 
the people screaming 'vapourware !!' all the time that this project is 
successful and has a great future, but i am also curious about the users 
who expressed their interest in matroska, if they will accept the 
container and stop using OGM for matroska now. Of course, i guess i 
could enjoy the situation much more if little Iris was better, but maybe 
i can give some good news here also until release day.

>To preparing our first public appearance, we need to be ready with our 
>tools to support the minimum but support it well. With help from testers 
>and curious people will be able to spot and correct 
>problems/inefficiencies later.
>So I think we need to define a feature freeze for the code and spend a 
>few more days on debugging the code during the remaining days to 01/05. 
>What about sunday 27 european evening ?
No objections from my side. Freezing features makes sense to me and the 
date seems reasonable. Any other opinions ?

>After this date we won't add new features (like chapters, new tags, etc) 
>but we'll make sure the ones we support work according to the specs. 
>We'll also have to test that files created with A can be read with B for 
>all known tools.
>What should be supported to this date :
>- Meta Seek (added yesterday in libmatroska)
>- Cue entries
>- Track parsing
>- Segment + Block parsing
>- BlockDuration read/write
>- lacing read/write
>And the list of codecs that Christian already mentionned. (maybe with 
>some subtitle ones)
It would be a peersonal dream of mine if matroska could come with USF 
support right from the start, but thats maybe not more than a dream. 
About the codecs we do already support, we are fine with what we have 
right now, being

MP2 ( does the DSF work ? )

>We might also add some test for reading damaged files and incomplete files.
In principal there should be work already on a matroska file 
checking/repair tool, but the guy who wnated to do it ( thana ) never 
showed up after claiming he will look into it ... :sigh:  ... maybe 
thats spyder's fault because he didnt make javatroska for him  :P  ( 
again, of course, who's fault should it be else ;) .. ) ....



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