[matroska-devel] demux filter

igork-tht igork at tht.net
Fri Apr 18 23:12:33 CEST 2003

Finally I've got time to have a look at the filter <g>
Did not look into details yet, so these are only my first impressions:
1. It basically works!
2. Audio playback experiences regular intermittent distortions (perhaps
demux should implement IQualityControl, although reasons may be
3. No "progress bar" in the GraphEdit (of, course IMediaSeeking is not
implemented yet)
4. attempt to stop the graph reproducibly hangs up GraphEdit [v9.0].

I think all of the above listed issues are known, though.
Overall - VERY good job!

Btw, have a question about VirtualDubMod:
I am transcoding DIV3 AVI file into matroska format using VirtualDubMod
and it works just fine. Then I am trying to open resulting mkv file in
VirtualDubMod, and it causes crash [always after parsing is done]. The
very same mkv file is playing in graphedit [using demuxer filter] just
Is it a known issue? What could be the reason? 


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