[matroska-devel] Re: Help from Nic

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Fri Apr 18 20:03:09 CEST 2003

cc : matroska-devel at freelists dot org

Hi there Nic !

Glad to see you're alive. We made pretty good progress lately as spyder 
was pointing out already in the PM to you, we're looking forward to May 
1st when we plan to release everything we'll have by that time. The 
filter is wokring but has a couple of bugs, its in matroska CVS on  
http://corecodec.org/projects/matroska  ( we will abandone the sf.net 
site soon as they had big problems with CVS lately ). Anonymous access 
works, but just dont forget to use  :ext: instaed of :pserver: .

John Cannon wrote:

>Here's the reply I got from Nic when I asked him about helping with AAC and
>Hi spyder,
>If you want any help stopping the crashing of mkv files, then put the source
>of the dshow filter into cvs and ill have a look. Ive become quite a veteran
>of fixing dshow crashes
>have you checked out borg software's one ? There AAC filter isn't as good as
>mine (but I dont know why). But the source is neat and there to be fixed.
AFAIK their filter will only work if the AAC was muxed into their own 
container, being called MPX . But maybe we could 'borrow' some code from 
them to make a general use filter, but we also plan to check if maybe 
your crappy beta will work fine from our parser filter ( in ACM 
compatibility mode ). But we are checking right now if maybe muxing AAC 
into matroska will work already, using your AAC2WAV, and then we will 
try to playback using your crappy beta filter ... Toff is on this now ( 
spyder made us curious ;) )

>Out of interest, if you mux a VBR MP3 thats had a WAV header attached, and
>then mux it into MKV file as a wav file, how well does it play back? If it
>plays back well, then the same can be done with AAC. If not then you'll need
>to make an AAC parser (that takes the individual frames out of the AAC file
>and mux it "properly"  )
Yup, works fine. As said above, we are testing with AAC right now.

>And I will drop by the channel soon, I have my gf here at present, but will
>be free easter sunday & monday.
>(Im quite interested in making my re-write of dvd2avi support mkv, but I
>dont know how difficult or easy that will be compared to using something
>like the AVI API (ill have to look at the CVS code). Maybe ill just make it
>so it makes a script for MatroskaDUB (I dont know yet, only just really
>thought about it  )
You're more than welcome, as always Nic ! Dont forget we are not on 
openprojects anymore, but on irc.corecodec.com , #matroska



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