[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska, DirectShow, Cabbages and Kings :)

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Apr 17 06:58:56 CEST 2003


thanks for your offer, i am currently on a bussiness trip in the US and 
forwarding your email to the mailing list and the guys who are in charge 
of the filter. If you know how to use CVS ( WinCVS, TortoiseCVS ) you 
can obtain the latest sourcecode of our DShow parser from there and make 
some tests, however i recommend you join our IRC channel on 
irc.corecodec.dom #matroska and talk to the guys who are actually 
developing it ( Toff, myFUN, Blacksun, Cyrius ) about how you could help 
best ... i am sure you can help us, especially if you have a background 
in DirectShow already, and your help was very much appreciated.

I love the idea about a Vegas video plugin, didnt know their API/SDK was 
open for doing that, not to talk about Adobe Premiere and Ulead. If you 
dont feel like contributing to the DShow filter you could maybe still 
look into those plugins ? We certainly could help you with that, 
explaining to you how libmatroska would work, but after May 1st as until 
then we are all busy getting the release done smoothly.



Igor-Hotmail wrote:

> Hello, Chris!
> I’ve read your announcement on sourceforge.net regarding DirectShow 
> programmers for Matroska project. I was very impressed with Matroska 
> (really, really!) and would be glad to help. Have been working 3+ 
> years with DirectShow by now, but as to Matroska itself – have to 
> admit that I am not familiar with the stuff very well yet, so some 
> learning curve will be inevitable, is it acceptable? Also, there is 
> another thing I want to let you know from the very beginning: although 
> I was truly inspired by Matroska project and want to participate, I 
> won’t be able to contribute too much time, so if you expect somebody 
> capable of working several hours a day – you need another man J
> By “DirectShow parser” you mean source filter, right? Do you have any 
> plans for the Matroska dump/renderer filter as well?
> Cheers,
> Igor Kholodov.
> P.S.
> If you already have somebody for DirectShow filters, may I suggest 
> another couple of ideas? I would be glad to take care of them if there 
> is nothing more urgent…
>    1. AVI custom handler [or AVI API wrapper] for matroska format.
>       Although Matroska’s “functionality” supersedes AVI, AVI API is
>       still very popular and is widely used, e.g. in TMPGEncoder,
>       Procoder, earlier versions of CinemaCraft to name just a few
>       MPEG encoders. Providing access to Matroska files via AVI API
>       will still provide a good part of Matroska functionality [in
>       some cases – all of it] while at the same time making it
>       “compatible” with fairly popular multimedia applications. It
>       will help to “boost” Matroska popularity
>    2. AvySynth plug-in for Matroska format. Similar to 1 but providing
>       access to underlying Matroska file content in a little different
>       way = trough AviSynth
>    3. I also think that it would be interesting to write a Matroska
>       file format plug-in for Vegas Video – that is my favorite video
>       non-linear editor. The idea is to render Vegas video projects
>       into Matroska format file.
>    4. Same as 3 [from “marketing” point of view - probably to even
>       more extent] could be applied not only to Vegas, but also to
>       Adobe Premiere and ULead MediaStudio, but minus here is that
>       they are not my favorite video editors J
> P.P.S.
> How do you manage to have so much time to participate in so many 
> open-source projects? I am envious of you J


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