[matroska-devel] MXF Tags

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Wed Apr 16 07:10:09 CEST 2003


My name is Paul and I have been put in charge of creating the list of
information tags(metadata) supported by Matroska.  I was curious what kind
of system MXF used to see if there was anything that we could use.  Because
I am working specificaly on tags, I did not look to deeply into how MXF
works.  The list of tags I found were here:
starting on page 8.
What I am most interested is what you seem to call "Finitely Durable
Metadata".  These would be akin to ID3 tags.  However, the tags that I see
there seem to be quite extensive, and what most people would refer to as
"overkill".  Is there a different place that I should refer to?

Our tagging system is somewhat expansive because of a goal to support all
existing tags in formats currently available.  Most of the tags we support
will be coming from ID3v2.4, Windows Media Player 9, and Exteneded INFO.
More information about these can be found here:

I am curious if the list of metadata tags that you use are specificaly
selected for compatability with already defined AAF metadata units, or if
you simply selected them on your own.  I glanced through some of the AAF
documentation, but I was unable to find a list of tags defined specificaly
in AAF, but rather some scattered tags defined, and the way to define your
own metadata units.  Is there a list of predefined metadata units that we
could look at to see what else we NEED to support to start some AAF

That actually leads to my next question of what is required to have this
compatability?  Matroska doesn't have a way to support all of the possible
metadata by track segments in its structure, unless we defined a track for
storing that data in.  It looks like that is the way that you are doing it,
and we may be able to simply copy that DM Track design strait over.
However, I am not sure about the compatability.  The documents show a
Timecode Track also, which is very different from how we align data.  We
simply attach a timecode to each block of data for each track individualy.

Thank you for any answers you can give me.



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