[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska public alpha release date : 1 st May 2003

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Apr 10 12:21:51 CEST 2003

Here is what I plan to do :

- tonight : add the debugging system of matroska in the DShow Parser, it might
help us find bugs faster. Explain how to use this debug system here. Try to
implement a clean TimecodeScale handling in the library.

Then I'll be off for vacation. In this time I can only develop on the iBook
(I'll have to patch the code, not to use std::wstring for the moment) and on a
K6-300. The only connection to the net will be with RTC (too expensive to be
connected for a long time). I'll take what is needed to develop on both
platforms. So I may be able to work on the DSF as well.

I would also like to get my hands on what is existing for VDubMod (1.4.x base
and 1.5.x base) so that I can work on it. Could Cyrius of Belgabor make a nice
zip package with all the required sources ? I don't know exactly what is
possible right now. Is it possible to add more than one audio track to a movie ?
The VDub support is as important as the DSF otherwise noone will be able to use
matroska. So I'll put as much (if not more) time there as on the DSF...

On the DSF I can only make sure the Matroska support is OK and help with
possible problems (like the lacing issue). I still have to study the data flow
of the DSF (init, open, config, read/write, close). Could anybody make a small
picture explaining this ? With the possible events we have to handle (if any) ?
Is there a good source on the net about all these DirectShow things ? Something
simple that I could understand, and hopefully print.

So basically whenever you need help about matroska on these front, I'll (try to)
be there ! For the rest, I'll have to learn while working, so it will be slower
But I'll make my best.

I'll be back home on the 21/04 and can work full time on matroska. So from there
I hope I have learned enough and can boost development for the release date... 

Remember that we have to be specs compliant and be forward compatible, above all
things !

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