[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska public alpha release date : 1 st May 2003

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Apr 10 11:36:13 CEST 2003

OK guys,

now like Steve is recommending, lets try to get things organized. We 
have only 21 days, and we have to use them wisely.

Priority list, as i see it :

A. Direct Show parser

1. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3
2. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3
3. DirectShow parser : XviD + Vorbis
4. DirectShow parser : DivX + Vorbis
5. DirectShow parser : XviD + AC3
6. DirectShow parser : DivX + AC3
7. DirectShow parser : XviD + 2xMP3
8. DirectShow parser : DivX + 2xMP3
9. DirectShow parser : XviD + 2xVorbis
10. DirectShow parser : DivX + 2xVorbis
11. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3 + AC3
12. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3 + AC3
13. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3 + AC3 + Vorbis
14. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3 + AC3 + Vorbis
15. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3 + SRT
16. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3 + SRT
17. DirectShow parser : XviD + Vorbis + SRT
18. DirectShow parser : DivX + Vorbis + SRT
19. DirectShow parser : XviD + AC3 + SRT
20. DirectShow parser : DivX + AC3 + SRT
21. DirectShow parser : XviD + 2xMP3 + SRT
22. DirectShow parser : DivX + 2xMP3 + SRT
23. DirectShow parser : XviD + 2xVorbis + SRT
24. DirectShow parser : DivX + 2xVorbis + SRT
25. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3 + AC3 + SRT
26. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3 + AC3 + SRT
27. DirectShow parser : XviD + MP3 + AC3 + Vorbis + SRT
28. DirectShow parser : DivX + MP3 + AC3 + Vorbis + SRT

Until the release on May 1st we need to have 1 - 6 at the very minimum !!!

B. VirtualdubMod :

1. VirtualdubMod : XviD muxing from AVI
2. VirtualdubMod : DivX muxing from AVI
3. VirtualdubMod : MP3 muxing from AVI
4. VirtualdubMod : Vorbis muxing from OGM
5. VirtualdubMod : Vorbis muxing from OGG
6. VirtualdubMod : MP3 muxing from MP3 file
7. VirtualdubMod : AC3 muxing from AVI
8. VirtualdubMod : AC3 muxing from OGM
9. VirtualdubMod : AC3 muxing from AC3 file
10. VirtualdubMod : XviD/DivX muxing from OGM
11. VirtualdubMod : 2x MP3 muxing from AVI
12. VirtualdubMod : 2x Vorbis muxing from OGM
13. VirtualdubMod : 2x AC3 muxing from OGM
14. VirtualdubMod : SRT muxing

For a release we should at least be able to accomplish 1. - 5. . This 
was all achieved for VirtualdubMod 1.4.12 already, so if Cyrius can not 
make these functionalities working in VdubMod 1.5.x we may still release 
the old version.

@Cyrius, any comments ?

C. Linux : mkvmerger/mplayer patch

What can i say, i guess mosu is far ahead  from what we consider as 
minimum requirements for a release, so there is no priority list, we 
should simply ask him for allowance  if we could link to his site on 
release date.
@mosu, comments welcome

To Do :

A. DirectShow parser :

We have to get 1. working, as soon as possible !! XviD + MP3 should be 
the start, if we achieve this we will be motivated to go on from there. 
myFUN was loading a version of VdubMod from Cyrius yesterday with lacing 
disabled, to find out if the lacing was maybe causing the problems with 
MP3 audio not working. Once XviD + MP3 is working, DivX + MP3 should be 
a breeze really.

@myFUN : any comments from your side here ?

About 3. and 4. : myFUN made tests yesterday about trying to initialize 
the Vorbis DShow filter from Tobias, but without success. I had contact 
with Ingo about this, for sure his filter would work, but he is away 
until beginning of May, so this is not an option. Here is what we can do :

- hardcode Vorbis decoding into matroska parser ( will add about 150 KB 
to the parser filter size ) ; anybody volunteering ? sypder, you made a 
Vorbis JMF plugin once, right ?
- add libogg to the filter and try to pack the Vorbis packets into Ogg 
packets, so that Tobias filter can accept the data
- release the matroska tools without Vorbis support, and maybe discuss 
with Ingo about other alternatives later

[b]Gentlemen, please, i would like to see some response to this email !! 
We have only 21 days, lets be quick and effective now, in short, lets 
organize it !![/b]

We need your help and input now to be able to finish the most necessary 
work until 1st May


Steve Lhomme wrote:

>* Here are the 4 major projects on which we should concentrate right now (in
>order of importance) :
>1) DirectShow demuxer supporting playback of audio(PCM, MP3, ACM-based, AC3,
>Vorbis), video(YUV, VCM-based, DirectShow-based, DIVX, XviD), subtitles (simple
>(?), USF).
>2) VirtualDubMod writing of matroska files (hopefully with all the codec
>mentioned above) from an AVI source or from a capture card
>2) Mosu MKVTools to create matroska files from various sources and extract meta
>3) DirectShow muxer supporting encoding of all possible DirectShow encoded
>streams. It should be equivalent to OggDS
>4) TCMP plugin to extract meta informations to display/edit (equivalent to
>editing ID3 tags).
>* Here is the "roadmap" that we should try to achieve until the 1st of May :
>- 09/04 to 26/04 : implement as much as possible in all these tools.
>- 27/04 to 31/04 : test the tools internally and verify compatibility with the
>specs and all playback/reading tools.
>- 01/05 : make binary and source releases of these tools available to the public
>on many platforms. Advertise about it in popular places (Doom9, HydrogenAudio
>mostly). Make some basic files available with their AVI equivalent.
>* Here is who can do what (for all those mentioned and not mentioned please
>correct things) :
>- Me : I won't be home for 9 days so I can only work with my iBook (still have
>problems linking libmatroska on OSX) or my parents (slow) computer. Until that
>I'll update the little things remaining in the CC Tracker. When I'll be back
>home I'll have 7 days to work 24/24 on matroska on whatever is needed :
>DirectShow (on the matroska side), VDubMod, Mosu Tools, TCMP plugin.
>- Spyder : As mpv2mkv is hardly needed for the moment, he will start looking at
>how DirectShow works and try to help where he can. I think he can help on the
>format when I'm away. And can also have a look at Mosu tools, horpfully
>compiling on Windows too.
>- Christian : Keep a daily update on the progress on each side to "reassign"
>prioroties when needed.
>- myFUN : well I can't say really since we don't see him often. But we need the
>latest update of the DSF and the status on this code (what is missing and ideas
>on how to add what is missing). If he has the time until 01/05 to help on the
>DSF it will be highly appreciated.
>- Cyrius : VDubMod 1.5 integration of matroska. Altough I understand he may have
>other priorities too.
>To keep everybody coordinated, I highly recommend the use of CVS for all the 5
>tasks mantioned above.
>Side Note : Blacksun could you see with Cytoplas ASAP why syncmail in the
>Matroska CVS doesn't send the emails (even though it says it does) ??? This is
>really important to avoid some errors when people update code over someone
>else's code.


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