[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska Tags

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Tue Apr 15 05:03:12 CEST 2003

Steve wrote:
[16:09] <robUx4> BTW, if you see Pamel_The_Worker_Lurker, tell him I don't
know any program called "Idem"
[16:09] <robUx4> and explain him what Idem means ;)

I got it from the tracker that you assigned me to.  To quote the summary:

ID3 tags & APE tags
Add as much ID3 and APE audio tags to the matroska format.
Also add the informations saved by Traktor in a similar
or better way. Idem for the rating of iTunes.

What is "Idem for the rating of iTunes"?  Could you describe what it does?
Is it anything like the Popularimeter in ID3?  To quote ID3.org:

4.17.   Popularimeter
The purpose of this frame is to specify how good an audio file is.  Many
interesting applications could be found to this frame such as a playlist
that features better audio files more often than others or it could be used
to profile a person's taste and find other 'good' files by comparing
people's profiles. The frame contains the email address to the user, one
rating byte and a four byte play counter, intended to be increased with one
for every time the file is played. The email is a terminated string. The
rating is 1-255 where 1 is worst and 255 is best. 0 is unknown. If no
personal counter is wanted it may be omitted. When the counter reaches all
one's, one byte is inserted in front of the counter thus making the counter
eight bits bigger in the same away as the play counter ("PCNT"). There may
be more than one "POPM" frame in each tag, but only one with the same email



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