[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska Tags

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Mon Apr 14 10:27:30 CEST 2003


I just looked at the tracker for the Tags.  I've got the tags for ID3 and
APE covered.  I am just unsure about Traktor and Idem.  I haven't installed
the Traktor demo yet, but from what I can see, it stores its information now
in ID3 tags.  If it does, then we already have it covered.  If not, I need
to find a list of those tags.

I was unable to find any useful information about Idem for iTunes.  It was
all in French!!  I searched Google for Idem and iTunes, and all of the sites
returned were in French.  If you could give me the English equivalent for
Idem, or explain to me what/how it works then I will make sure its included.



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