[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska Tags

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Apr 10 09:34:46 CEST 2003

En réponse à Pamel <Paul at msn.com>:

> > So I propose to strip the uncessary ones....
> I'm not trying to decide which tags aren't useful, I'm just trying
> ensure
> that information tags in other formats are supported.  I already have

I know. But what I was trying to explain is that maybe some stupid guys already
put a lot of garbage tag saying "you never know, someone on planet mars might
use it someday !". That's why I think some things that we think are unecessary
should not be endorsed.

> > At one point we have to stop. Maybe that's where a more generic
> system
> comes.
> > With "TAG_NAME" = "TAG_VALUE". Anyone can add whatever and we keep a
> list
> of
> > "possible" ones, but not endorsed as standard.
> *shudder*  Thats what Ogg uses.  Just look at the lack of compatability
> that
> created.  The few people that try to use it don't even follow the

I know this is also want I wanted to avoid as a "general" system. These tags are
not endorsed as part of the specs. But allow a kind of "easy" compatibility.
They should mostly be used for application specific tags (like a database stored
in matroska ;).

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