[matroska-devel] Re: Matroska Tags

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Apr 9 09:50:07 CEST 2003

En réponse à Pamel <Paul at msn.com>:

> > Mmmm. I will *never* use most of them, but why not...
> I will never use most of them either, but there are two reasons to
> include
> them.
> 1.  Existing tags already support them, so to fully support existing
> framework, we need them too.

Well, not exactly. Suppose we add a tag for the colour of the shirt of the chick
next to the singer (only the one on the left). It is part of the standard. So
whoever wants to create a new exhaustive tagging system will have to support it.
Just because a stupid guy added it once. And you will end up with that shit for

I think we really need to keep the one people will likely read & write. For the
rest it is usefull only for file exchange between entertainment companies. Maybe
one day we'll have all these infos in an audio/video standard format (CD/DVD
replacement) but the forthcoming ones DVD-A/SACD don't include most of these infos.

So I propose to strip the uncessary ones like the original track it is a cover
of. (because there are covers mixing more than one song and unless you want a
whole database in your file noone will ever care to read that information).
> 2.  People will want to use them, so they should be there when they do. 
> I
> had a friend that works in theater production and is really into the
> makeup/costume side of things.  Anytime she saw a good movie she would
> want
> to know who did the costumes, and would bore us to death talking about
> them.
> I wouldn't care to ever put anything in that tag, but I know she
> would.

But is this the role of the file for playback to store that ?
What about the guy who makes coffee for movie actors... He would like to have
his name and his friends in there too !

Like for the location, it might change at every scene. Do you give the
coordinate on earth, the date it was recorded (already included in the file
otherwise it's for the whole montage), the weather condition, the lens used, etc
? Anybody someday would like to know that. Maybe the zodiacal sign of the
director too ?

At one point we have to stop. Maybe that's where a more generic system comes.
With "TAG_NAME" = "TAG_VALUE". Anyone can add whatever and we keep a list of
"possible" ones, but not endorsed as standard.
> BTW, I really can't see a good reason to have both an "Encoded by" and
> a
> "Ripped by" element.  Also, could someone fill in what "Involved
> people list" is supposed to be used for?

That's the kind of stupid tags that should be removed :)

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