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Pamel Paul at msn.com
Wed Apr 9 04:57:39 CEST 2003

"Steve Lhomme" <steve.lhomme at free.fr> wrote
> En réponse   Pamel <Paul at msn.com>:
> You may also have a look at the tags of the RIFF Broadcast (using WAV)
> Dunno if it's the same as Extended RIFF Info

It is the same, but with more fields.  I got the list from here:

> > Encoded by
> > Ripped by
> Whats is the difference ?

I wondered about that myself.  They are both listed in the Extended RIFF
Info.  Technicaly, I THINK that "Ripped by" would be the one that
extracts/obtains the original, and "Encoded by" would be the one that
encoded that to whatever it is now.  But I can't imagine how often it would
be different.

> > Involved people list
> Is that necessary ?
> Is this Track dependant BTW (all these tags) ? Because a person who worked
> the music of the video is not the same author as the one of the video.

Again, it was in the "Extended RIFF Info" list.  I actually wasn't sure what
it was for, but assumed that someone else would know.

How do you want to have the information broken up?  We could store by track
and/or chapter.  What do you think would be best?

> > Content group description
> What is that ?

That was a mistake. That doesn't need to be a MultiEntity.  That is one of
the ID3 tags.  From ID3.org:

"The 'Content group description' frame is used if the sound belongs to a
larger category of sounds/music. For example, classical music is often
sorted in different musical sections (e.g. "Piano Concerto", "Weather -

> > Original album/movie/show title
> > Album/Movie/Show title
> Difference ?

These are ID3 tags.  Original is only used to identify the original
recording name in the case of a remix, or a re-release under a different

> > Original filename
> That's not part of this meta data, it's elsewhere in matroska.

That was another mistake.

> > Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s)
> > Original artist(s)/performer(s)
> You mean in the case of a cover ? Does it need to be defined so formally ?

These are both ID3 tags.  These are also for the case of a remix or
rerelease.  Original lyricist would be the original song writer, or script
writer.  Original artists would be the person that actually sang/acted for
the original recording.  Artist it this case is not one that draws.

> > Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)
> > Band/orchestra/accompaniment
> > Conductor/performer refinement
> Colour of the shirt ? Temparature of the room ?

Hey, its not my cup of tea, but apparently there was a large enough audience
wanting it to warrant creating ID3 tags for all of these.

> > Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding
> The format to define the encoding paramaters is not portable on any OS. I
> think we need that tag. This is the kind of tag only usefull for 1
> understanding it. It doesn't need to be in the global format.

This is another ID3 tag.  It isn't meant to be used to duplicate an
encoding, just to get an idea of the settings/encoder used.  From ID3.org:

"The 'Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding' frame includes the
used audio encoder and its settings when the file was encoded. Hardware
refers to hardware encoders, not the computer on which a program was run."

> > Official Internet radio station
> ???

Another ID3 tag.

> > Record Location
> In a room ??? Are you trying to put a whole database in one file ?

Ironically, ID3 was really the only tag system to not have a "Location" tag.
I think it would be used for the location where something was filmed, rather
than an audio recording.  (though it could be used for that too)  I'm
thinking it would probably just be used to specify the country.

> > Product
> What is that ?

Thats a RIFF tag. "Product. Specifies the name of the title the file was
originally intended for, such as "Encyclopedia of Pacific Northwest

> > Cinematographer
> Difference with the Director ?

I THINK that a Cinematographer is focused solely on the camera shots/angles,
whereas the director is in charge of everything (telling actors how to act
the scene and such)

> > Production Designer
> What is that ?

I don't really know.  If I was a theater major I would tell you.

> > Costume Designer
> Doh ! Yeah a whole database :'(
> > Production Studio
> > Distributed by
> > Commissioned by
> > Engineer
> Mmmm. I will *never* use most of them, but why not...

I will never use most of them either, but there are two reasons to include

1.  Existing tags already support them, so to fully support existing
framework, we need them too.

2.  People will want to use them, so they should be there when they do.  I
had a friend that works in theater production and is really into the
makeup/costume side of things.  Anytime she saw a good movie she would want
to know who did the costumes, and would bore us to death talking about them.
I wouldn't care to ever put anything in that tag, but I know she would.

Remember that we are planning ahead to make this a painless as possible with
as few updates to the specs as possible.  We don't need to include
EVERYTHING, but we should at least support what already exists.  I didn't
see a tag for Head Gaffer, but I am also not planning on adding it.

BTW, I really can't see a good reason to have both an "Encoded by" and a
"Ripped by" element.  Also, could someone fill in what "Involved people
list" is supposed to be used for?



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